PayPal IPN Add-On

Our PayPal IPN Add-On plugin is intended for use by PayPal users in conjunction with our UserCredits plugin. Please note – you must purchase┬áthe UserCredits plugin as well, as the PayPal IPN Add-On plugin will not work without it.

Note that you can use the UserCredits plugin with any payment system that generates a successful payment variable (not just PayPal).

The PayPal IPN Add-On plugin enables you to easily integrate PayPal with the UserCredits system. You do not need the PayPal IPN Add-On plugin in order to be able to use PayPal as your payment system, but the PayPal IPN can be quite difficult to get your head around, so the PayPal IPN Add-On plugin just makes it easier for you.

See how the UserCredits plugin works by logging in to this WordPress site here. Use the username cctest and password cctest77 to log in. Then click on the buy now button below, and this will take you to the PayPal test site. Log in (either use your own test account, or you can use with a password of testtheipn). The buy now button below is configured to purchase a bundle of credits which we have set up (i.e. $1.99 buys 10 credits). Click on pay now, and then “return to Outerbridge Ltd’s test store“. This will return you to this demo site, on the success page, which illustrates what happens when a purchase is made and this will tell you the outcome of your test payment.