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Looking for a WordPress plugin that enables you to operate a credits system on your website?

UserCredits for WordPress plugin

The UserCredits WordPress plugin from Outerbridge allows you to translate monetary payment amounts into user credits (or points) on your website. These credits or points can then be used to perform various functions on your website, for example accessing a restricted page, viewing a video or seeing some course content.

  • Manage your user credits (or points) via an easy-to use admin dashboard
  • Set-up easily with the included quick start guide
  • Use the convenient short codes provided for easy implementation
  • Create an unlimited number of credit bundles with different monetary values
  • Option to allocate free credits to new users
  • Allow users to transfer credits to another user
  • Create expiry dates for credits
  • Manage individual user balances and credit expiry dates via the dashboard
  • Comprehensive instructions included
  • Customise your website’s credit messages
  • Customise your variable names
  • Use the handy widgets provided to show current credit balance, most recent credits added and feature the user with the highest number of credits
  • Automatically email customers when their credits are low, or to remind them they have credits.

UserCredits for WordPress demo

See how the UserCredits plugin works by logging in to this WordPress site here. Use the username cctest and password cctest77 to log in. Then go to the Add Credits page to add some credits.

Buy UserCredits for WordPress

The UserCredits WordPress plugin is available for purchase only at CodeCanyon.

PayPal integration

EXTRA: Make integrating PayPal IPN with UserCredits easy with our new UserCredits for WordPress – PayPal IPN Add-On. Only available at CodeCanyon.